About Us



The Association for the Study of Neurons and Brain Diseases (AND) is a not-for-profit organization for the study of mental health from a neurological perspective. The goal of AND is to enhance the quality and quantity of research and education as it pertains to the understanding and treatment of mental health issues. By encouraging the exchange of ideas through international collaborations and knowledge translation AND hopes to not only provide a better understanding of the neurological functions and treatment of mental health issues, but also raise awareness and understanding of it. Members of AND are Students, Professors, Researchers, Technicians and Industry members who all understand the fundamental importance of collaboration and communication in neuroscience for the treatment and understanding of mental health.

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To facilitate this exchange of ideas, each year AND hosts the International Conferences for Neurons and Diseases. This meeting invites all members to come and share their latest research and collaborate with other members.


  • Advance the study of Neuroscience and treatment for mental diseases.
  • Provide and enhance learning, collaboration and communication for professionals across all stages, fields and geographic regions.
  • Raise awareness, advocate Neuroscience and mental health related issues to the general public.


The current By-Law is downloadable through here