Board Members

Dr Bong-Kiun Kaang

Bong-Kiun Kaang, Ph.D. is Professor of neurobiology at College of Natural Sciences,

Seoul National University (SNU). He joined SNU as a faculty member since 1994.

He obtained B.S. at SNU in 1984. He obtained Ph.D. at Columbia University, in

1992 (Supervisor: Eric R. Kandel). His research focuses on molecular mechanisms

underlying synaptic plasticity. Most synapses are known to be plastic and readily

modified by various environmental stimuli and even by pathological conditions. A

change in synaptic efficacy leads to a functional modification of neural circuit that may

represent new information or may often underlie neurological and psychiatric disorders.

He has used cellular, molecular, electrophysiological and behavioral techniques to

understand the molecular and cellular mechanisms underlying learning and memory

and brain disorders using marine snail and rodents as experimental models. He has

published 125 research and review articles in a number of journals, including Nature,

Science, Cell, Neuron, and Nature Neuroscience. He is currently the Editor-in-Chief

of Molecular Brain. He won Life Science Award (2010) from Korean Society for

Molecular and Cellular Biology and the Kyung Ahm Prize (2012) from the Kyung Ahm

Foundation. He is currently a National Honor Scientist and a Fellow of the Korean

Academy of Science and Technology.